[OPE-L] Ungdomshuset and the Copenhagen Youth Rebellion

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|  Nikolaj Heltoft, "Ungdomshuset and the Copenhagen Youth Rebellion"
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Ungdomshuset and the Copenhagen Youth Rebellion
Nikolaj Heltoft

From workers stronghold to social center, placed in the neighbourhood of
Nrrebro historic, Ungdomshuset has been the epicentre of political
contestation and social protest in Copenhagen. Today the
Youth House is no longer. It was first evicted the torn down. The kids
and their supporters hit the streets.

History crashing down

The house from 1897 which stood in the centre of the conflict,
originally named Folkets Hus (the People's House), was the result of
the early workers movements. In 1910, The Second International and
the German Socialist Clara Zetkin declared March 8 an International
Women's Day of Struggle from the house. Vladimir Lenin and Rosa
Luxemburg spoke there and in 1918 the great demonstration against
unemployment when workers stormed the Danish Stock Exchange started in
the house. After the war, the house gave shelter to German refuges for
a while, but as the Socialist movement's social texture in Copenhagen
changed, the house was abandoned in the 60's and stayed that way until
a group of young squatters from Nrrebro decided to squat the empty
building as a part of their year long campaign for a self managed
youth house in Copenhagen. In 1982, the mayor of Copenhagen Egon
Weidekamp gave the house for the young use and the house was named
Ungdomshuset (the youth house). "They get a house, and we get some
peace", the mayor said before handing over the keys. Those words were
to become very significant 25 years later.
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