[OPE-L] questions about Peter Fireman

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 10:29:50 EST

Do any of you have answers to Alain Alcouffe's questions?
In solidarity, Jerry

Subject: Two questions about Peter Fireman
From: Alain Alcouffe <alain.alcouffe@univ-tlse1.fr>

Dear Colleagues,

I will be pleased to ask two questions about Peter Fireman who appears
among the participants to the  prize essays competition  organised by F.
Engels between the publication of Capital II and Capital III. As I don't
intend to waste your time, I will present first the data I have gathered
and below my two questions
A brief sketch of Fireman's life is to be found on

He was born April 4, 1863, Lipovetz, Russia. educated in Odessa Gymnasium.
Graduate Charkov Gymnasium, 1881. He came to United States, 1882; farmed
for several years in western Oregon. Then he studied in Germany and
Switzerland, 1888-1892; He is said to have studied at Universities of
Odessa, Konigsberg, and Zurich. He got his Ph.D., 1893, University of
Berne. After that he was assistant, 1892-1894; instructor, 1894- 1898;
assistant professor chemistry, 1898-1901, George Washington (formerly
Columbian) University, Washington; professor chemistry, Missouri School of
Mines and Metallurgy, 1901-1902; chemist, Elmer A. Sperry Electro-chemical
Research Laboratory, Washington, since 1902. He is mentioned next in
relation with the re-launching of the New Freeman (Suzanne La Follette,
chief editor) 1930-1931. It seems he became in between an industrialist at
Magnetic Pigment Co. of Trenton, N. J. Besides his publications in German
reviews prior to the publication of Capital III and his papers in
chemistry, JSTOR supplies a review of a German book in which he defends
social-democracy. Political Science Quarterly, [Vol. 9, No. 1. (Mar.,
1894)] - More puzzling, the library of Congress catalogue mentions four
other publications
Christianity, a tale and a moral, by Peter Fireman, Ph. D. 1931
Sound thinking. [1947] Description: v, 240 p. 20 cm.
Perceptual theory of knowledge.New York, Philosophical Library [1954]
Justice in Plato's Republic. [1957]
The books are to be bought on abebooks.com.
The questions are :
a) did it exist a biographical sketch (and/or an obituary) of Peter Fireman?

b) Has anybody taken a glance at these books? Are there any hint outside
the judgement of the librarian that the last publications (in 1957, he
would have been 94) are of the same author?
Thanks for any help!

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