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A new book on Marx's Capital.

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Just Published, January 2007


by Andrew Kliman

250 pages, copyright 2007.

Published by Lexington Books, a division of Rowman & Littlefield.
Part of Lexington's Raya Dunayevskaya Series in Marxism and Humanism.

List price:  $26.95.

ONLY $22.91 AT PUBLISHER'S WEBSITE, www.lexingtonbooks.com.
(European purchasers may pay in British pounds or euros.)

Also available from amazon.com and other US and foreign online booksellers.
Hardcover list price: $65.


"Authors of texts on Marxist economics tend to treat Marx as a distant basis
upon which to build their own individual opinions. This al la carte approach
stems from . . . acceptance of the supposed errors and internal
inconsistency in Marx's theory of value. In contrast, Reclaiming Marx's
'Capital,' by decisively refuting the allegations of error and internal
inconsistency, returns Marx's own work to centre stage. [It]is thus an
important unifying work, rather than just another divisive personal
 opinion."  ­­
  -- Nick Potts, Reader in Economics, Southampton Solent University

"In Reclaiming Marx's 'Capital,' Kliman's arguments--and it is largely a
book of arguments - operate like a buzz saw clearing away the underbrush of
misplaced criticisms that have kept the real Capital hidden from most of its
potential readers. The project is much needed, and brilliantly and clearly
(and for this reader, convincingly) executed. Highly recommended for all
those who need Capital (and who doesn't?)."
  -- Bertell Ollman, Professor of Politics, New York University

"It had to be done: someone has finally rescued Marx from the Marxists. If
you want to come to grips with the most famous, most profound, and yet
most-censored critique of capitalism yet seen; if you want access to the
real ideas of the man who famously quipped 'Me, I am not a Marxist'; and
most of all, if you don't trust anyone or anything 'til you've checked for
yourself--then this is the place to start."
  --Alan Freeman, Department of Social Sciences, University of Greenwich

"[A]lmost everyone, orthodox and Marxian economists alike, [has] accepted
the view that Marx's value theory is internally inconsistent. . . .[This
book] sorts out a bewildering tangle of approaches and issues in order to
demon­strate that the charge of internal inconsistency is false. . . .
Reclaiming Marx's 'Capital' is a fresh attempt to get it right, in terms
Marx himself would have recognized."
  --Thomas Jeannot, Professor of Philosophy, Gonzaga University

"This is the first comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the
transformation 'problem.' It will become the standard reference work in the
years to come. No serious work on value theory can afford to ignore it."
  --Guglielmo Carchedi, Department of Economics and Econometrics, University
of Amsterdam (Ret.)

From the back cover
This book seeks to reclaim Capital from the myth of internal inconsistency,
a myth that serves to justify the censorship of Marx's critique of political
economy and present-day research based upon it. Andrew Kliman shows that the
alleged inconsistencies are actually caused by misinterpretation. By
modifying the standard interpretation of Marx's value theory in tow simple
ways, the recent "temporal single-system interpretation" eliminates all of
the alleged inconsistencies. Written especially for the nonspecialist reader
in a clear accessible style and with the bare minimum of mathematics,
Reclaiming Marx's "Capital" introduces readers to Marx's value theory and
contrasting interpretations of it, the history of the internal inconsistency
controversy, and interpretive standards and methods. Kliman then surveys
Marx's falling-rate-of-profit theory, the relationship of prices to values
(the "transformation problem"), Marx's exploitation theory of profit, and
other topics. The book ends with a discussion of why the myth of
inconsistency persists, and a call to set the record straight.

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