Re: [OPE-L] brief reply by list coordinator

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Thu Nov 23 2006 - 13:03:50 EST

>  > But why not? This is after all a list in which its moderator is more
>>  concerned to get right the nature of elephant treatment than the
>>  character of New World slavery,
>No, this is just a list where the coordinator and others don't like to
>have their perspectives distorted.

You did not respond to my criticism; you are of course free to ignore me,
and I am free to engage any point of view you express here.

Again here is what you are not responding to

Jerry Levy wrote:

>  The concrete, historical circumstances
>having to do with why feudalism and capitalism can't be imagined
>as existing in non-human species have to do with specific forms of
>property relations, ownership, money, markets, etc.

And so called primitive communism (what Marx thought at times still
to be contained in the Indian village)
is based on complex social relations of  which non humans are
incapable. To think otherwise is to be a racist.  That you do not see
this is not surprising to me.

And then Jerry Levy wrote:

>  There doesn't have to
>be money or markets (including a slave market) for slavery to exist.

It's simply a bad metaphor to describe non human animal forms of parasitism
as slavery. The reasons have been given. That you see non monetary
slave societies (e. g. Tupinamba)
and  so called primitives as closer to non human animal societies is
in fact racist.

In fact it is the definition of racism.

And to this there has been no response.


>  > The diversity of this list is not surprising--is it, Mr Moderator?
>No, it's not surprising at all.  After the initial group of people
>who joined in the beginning (September, 1995) all additional
>members have been recommended by listmembers.  Who has -- and who
>has not been -- recommended -- is the responsibility of ALL members
>of the list since any and every member can make recommendations.
>Please do not respond to my posts again. I am tired of having my
>positions twisted and distorted.  Others on the list are free to
>converse with you or not as they see fit.  If you wish to communicate
>with me in the future in my official capacity as list coordinator then
>(as I have told you previously) send a off-list message to this address.
>In solidarity, Jerry

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