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You say of Marx;s conception of teleology:

it admittedly has a certain correspondence in Aristotles´ conception of Dynamics, it can therefore not be equated with Aristotles. immanent, even virtually biologically well-founded Teleology, however. Neither  nature nor  history can have a purpose of itself according to Marx. It is  human beings, that can give them  sense only through their conscious activity.



What is your take on Daniel Dennet's take on the materialist foundations of intentionality in the survival needs of biological organisms - deriving it ultimately from the conditions of continued reproduction ( see Darwin's Dangerous Idea, by Dennet)?


How would you relate the issue of teleology to Boltzmann's problem of the 'arrow of time'?




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In the article I use Lukacs' Ontology. Thank you for indicating to Carol Gould's work.





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                It refers to the projected aims of the concret work to be done. To build a house it must have been built in our heads and so on.



        I found Lukacs' discussion of labour and teleology in The Young Hegel very insightful.  Also quite interesting is Carol Gould's attempt to derive the basic notions of time (past present future) from the teleological nature of labour.  See her book on the Grundrisse.

        Sorry can't elaborate. just sharing notes.








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                >  I present first the general aspects of Marx's concept of labour:
                > ontological, teleological and sociological.





                        What is the teleological aspect of Marx's concept of labour?


                        In solidarity, Jerry




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