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Subject: New Book
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Dear Gerald Levy,

We will soon be releasing Melissa Fisher and Greg Downey's  new book
/Frontiers of Capital/, and were wondering if it might be of interest to
the /Outline on Political Economy List/.  Do you accept brief publishers
announcements?  If so, here is some text you might use.  Feel free to
alter it to your specifications.  Please let me know if you are able to
do this so that I can report back to the author.




/Frontiers of Capital:  Ethnographic Reflections on the New Economy/
edited by Melissa Fisher and Greg Downey

Ethnographies exploring how cultural practices and social relations have
been altered by the radical economic and technological innovations of
the New Economy.

"/Frontiers of Capital/ is a synthetic state-of-the-art account of
anthropology's contribution to thinking about the current economic
moment. The essays are--without exception--brilliant ethnographic
excursions into the terrain of what the editors call the 'New Economy.'
Together they enable an understanding of the post-Cold War, neoliberal,
information-saturated, finance-capital-dominated world we
inhabit."--Charles Piot, author of /Remotely Global: Village Modernity
in West Africa

/For more information:

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