[OPE-L] Atenco, México Preliminary Report Follow-up Commission

From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (valle@SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX)
Date: Sun Jul 02 2006 - 12:56:35 EDT

Press Release #11


Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Between yesterday and today the CCIODH has handed in the Preliminary
Report to the vice-chancellor of the Autonomous University of Mexico
City (UACM), Ing. Manuel Pérez Rocha; Rodrigo Labardini, of the unit of
Human Rights of the Secretary of Foreign Relations; to the German and
Spanish embassies; to the Office of the High Commissioner of United
Nations in Mexico, Lic. Amérigo Incalcaterra: to the Office of the
Europe Union in Mexico, Lic. Peter Versteeg; and to the second visitor
of the CNDH, Susana Talía Pedroza. The Lic. Rodrigo Ezpeleta, from the
Human Rights unit of the Attorney General´s Office of the Republic,
together with the court clerk Eugenia Díaz have also accepted the
report. The CCIODH also wants to present the Preliminary Report to the
President of the Republic. All the institutions have expressed formally
and attentively that they will communicate their observations concerning
the report to the Commission.

On Wednesday the 28th of June, we were received by the community of San
Salvador Atenco. Approximately two hundred people watched the video of
the prisoners of the jail and with much emotion they applauded the work
of the Commission concerning the events of the 3rd and 4th of May. They
expressed to the Follow-up Commission their concern about the
continuation of harassment against the community by elements of Public
Safety, as well as the prisoners from the 14th of June and the situation
of fear and anxiety in which there are various families of the community.

Yesterday we also received authorization to enter the Santiaguito prison
which will take effect on Friday the 30th at 10 in the morning.

Today we visited the plantón (a temporary camp in protest in front of
the jail) at the Santiaguito prison taking advantage of the Hearings
that were going on to converse with the men and women being processed
and to distribute the Preliminary Reports. We were received with emotion
and impatience to read the conclusions and recommendations of the
CCIODH, whose copies ending up running short in response to the
eagerness of the men and women being processed.

At 7 p.m. Jesus Rodríguez, Ofelia Medina, María Novaro, and Raquel
Gutiérrez participated in an act to present the Preliminary Report in
Coyoacán in which we all learned about the situation of the women in the
case of Atenco and Texcoco. We passed a video with the voice of the
Chilean women Valentina Palma Novoa and read a letter from the women
prisoners of Santiaguito.

Tomorrow, Friday the 30th of June we will proceed to enter the
Santiaguito prison to hand copies of the Preliminary Report to each of
the men and women prisoners that gave their testimonies, as well as to
inform them of the entities to which the CCIODH has appealed nationally
and internationally. In the afternoon we will have a work meeting with
the lawyers, as well as a second meeting with the human rights
organizations to try to look for a better method of attention for the
affected communities and persons.

Follow-up Commission of the CCIODH
Address: Fray Servando Teresa de Mier #92, 4º piso, col. Centro
Cellular phone in México: 044 55 34 67 67 63 - 044 55 32 75 81 22
E-mail: cciodh@pangea.org
Web-site: http://cciodh.pangea.org

The CCIODH is made up of 28 people from 7 different countries. It was in
Mexico from the 29th of May until the 4th of June. It conducted 173
interviews with prisoners, family members, townspeople, social and
political organizations, and government entities. They were able to
access the Santiaguito prison, where all of the male and female
prisoners were interviewed, making afterwards a 15 minute video
including their statements. The (13) conclusions and recommendations
consider it proven that there was an excess of police force, that the
government turned to the public force without using all the possible non
violent measures to resolve the conflict, that it did not act within the
framework of a Rule of Law and did not respect the international
standards of protection of human rights, among those the sexual tortures
against most of the women detained. They recommend the immediate
dismissal of Wilfrido Robledo Madrid, as well as Alejandro Eduardo
Martínez Aduna, and those politically responsible for the police
operatives. The release of the prisoners of Santiaguito and La Palma is
also recommended under the principal of the presumption of their
innocence, given the violations of the right to a due process with
procedural guaratees.

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