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Dear colleagues, dear friends
The new issue of "INTERVENTION. Journal of Economics" is available. We now
face the third year of existence of our German-English journal.
INTERVENTION sees itself as a forum for heterodox approaches in economic
theory and policy. The aims are mutual exchange and the discussion of
different perspectives from different economic schools off the economic
mainstream. The journal comes out on a half-yearly basis in mid-April and
mid-November, respectively.
The "Articles" section of the latest issue features peer-reviewed
contributions by Marc Lavoie, Karin Astrid Siegmann, Martina Metzger, and
Narciso Tuņez-Area. Additionally, the issue includes in its "Forum" section
contributions on reforms of the labour market, on tax policy, and on
demographic challenges of the welfare state in Germany as well as on current
economic policy in Austria. Also included are assessments of the economic
policy and the crisis of legitimacy of the European Union, and an interview
with Paul Davidson. The article by Marc Lavoie "Do Heterodox Theories have
Anything in Common?" may be downloaded for free at
http://www.journal-intervention.org. There you can also find further
information on the journal as well as subscription information.
We would be very grateful if you would consider supporting INTERVENTION by
starting a subscription - in case you are not already a subscriber. We also
would like to invite you to submit papers for the peer-reviewed part of the
journal. Please tell friends and colleagues about our journal, and suggest a
subscription to a librarian at your institution.
With kind regards,
Sabine Reiner
For the Managing Editors

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