Re: [OPE-L] Publishing and selling books on political economy

From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 23:37:41 EDT

At 22:51 25/05/2006, Jerry wrote:
>Hi Mike L,
>Haven't you also broken away from conventional Marxian
>interpretations of political economy which you have found
>to be 'one-sided', mis-focused,  and not enlightening?
>Jurriaan said that there is "very little creative happening in
>this area of publishing" ("it's mainly just writers using old
>books to compile new books").

Well, Jurriaan said more than that. He cited Sam Bowles as an
authority on marxism as a largely exhausted discourse and said 'there
would be few "Marxist" books I'd buy - they mainly just recycle the
old stuff in one way or another (with a few honorable exceptions).'

Would you accept Sam as an authority on these questions? Or any of
the other 'No Bullshit Marxists' (self-described also as
'analytical') who met regularly to compare their deviations en route
to joining their mainstream colleagues? And would you proudly declare
that you have no use for "marxist" books (while staying on this list
and contributing regularly to our exhausted discourse)?

>  Other than your own
>writings, what recent books on Marxian political economy
>would you say are creative and offer fresh perspectives?

Definitely not going there, Jerry. I'm limited in my reading these
days but not because I think the material is useless; my
circumstances don't allow me to keep up to date---even when I make
lists and pick up things when back in Canada, I don't seem to have
the time to read much when I'm in Venezuela. I like much of what I do
get a chance to read in Historical Materialism, though, (and the
occasional S&S that finds its way here).
         in solidarity,

>In solidarity, Jerry

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