[OPE-L] Chitty, "The kingdom of ends and species being"

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 09:18:15 EDT

Andrew Chitty's <a.e.chitty@sussex.ac.uk> paper which he presented at
the Marx and Philosophy Society February seminar on 'The kingdom of ends
and species being' is now  available at:


He welcomes comments.  In this short paper, concepts such as  autonomy,
rationality, freedom, and species-being from Aristotle to Marx are
explained.  Of particular interest is the section on the genesis of
Marx's concept of species-being and its relation to Feuerbach and
Hegel's concept of spirit. A very interesting paper from the standpoint
of intellectual history.

In solidarity, Jerry

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