[OPE-L] _Atlantic Economic Journal_, - Dec, 1989

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 22:17:03 EDT

The December, 1989 issue of _Atlantic Economic Journal_ is online:


It's not exactly a new issue, but it is obviously a special and unusual one.
It includes:

 --  [Gramm, Warren S.] Analytic and political elements in exegesis
          of Marx's social economics.

--   [Meacci, Ferdinando] Different divisions of capital in Smith, Ricardo,
          and Marx.

--   [Sebastiani, Mario] Kalecki and Marx on effective demand.

--   [Jensen, Hans E.] Marx and Keynes: alternative views on capitalism?

--   [Johnson, Gramm, Hoass] Marx's law of profit: the current state of the

--   [Tarascio, Vincent J] Marxian perspectives and modern political

--   [Caravale, Giovanni A] On Marx's interpretation of Ricardo: a note.

--   [Rosenfielde, Steven] The Distorted World of Soviet-Type Economies.

--   [Hunt, E.K.] The meaning and significance of the transformation
          problem: two contrasting approaches.

--   [Lichtenstein, Peter M] Theories of value and price in contemporary
         Chinese Marxism.

The downside is the formatting which requires you to open multiple pages
for each article.

In solidarity, Jerry

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