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Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 07:51:12 EDT

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I mean the free credit which the workers give to the capitalist by the
delayed receipt of money wages with no intrerest charge.

When a capitalist makes an employment contracts with the workers, he/she
advances a variable capital with the obligation to pay a month later (with
free interest). His/her obligation itself is a part of the advanced


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  S u b j e c t : [OPE-L] 'advancing' money

  > Marx argues that the workers give free credit to the capitalist!

  Hi Chai-on,

  Good point,  but _within Marx's period analysis_ there must be M advanced
  for MP and LP _before_ there can be production.  To the extent, _in
  practice_, that wage-workers make an 'advance' to capitalists then it takes
  the form of labor activity not money.

  > If a capitalist starts his business with borrowed money, does he
  > advance nothing at all?

  I'm not sure I understand the question.  Even with borrowed money,
  capitalists must still as a condition for production in the next period
  (within the formula C - M {MP; LP} ... (P) ... C' - M') advance
  (the borrowed) money.

  In solidarity, Jerry

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