Re: [OPE-L] (new book) Paul Burkett _Marxism and Ecological Economics_

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 13:03:29 EDT

>>Are there any other OPE-Lers who have books that are about to
>be printed?
>My English translation of Prof. Marcel van der Linden's historical survey

thank you again for your translation work.

>"Western Marxism and the Soviet Union; Criticism and Debates 1917-2005" will
>be published by Brill in the HM series soon, though I don't know exactly
>when yet. The book traces the evolution of all the main variants of Western
>Marxist theories from Kautsky/Luxemburg/Lukacs/Korsch/Gorter etc. thru to
>Alvater/Bettelheim/Mandel/Marcuse/Cliff/Operaism/Dutschke/Red Flag/Bahro
>etc., in different era's of history, that were published in German, Dutch,
>English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish etc. Some of the authors cited
>are wellknown, others rather obscure.
>It also features an extensive bibliography of original sources (mostly
>excluded are the "official communist" views that reflected the positions
>taken by Moscow and Beijing, because they are ruled out of Western Marxism).
>Earlier (shorter) versions of Marcel's book appeared in Dutch (as his Phd
>thesis) and German previously.
>One (not really spectacular) finding of the study is that, although the
>Western theories offered implied errors of logic and errors of fact, and
>mostly are a far cry from Karl Marx's own thought or dispassionate
>scientific appraisal, the various theorists often did notice some important
>problems of the Soviet Union. The theories also tended to change according
>to the climate of the times.

Hi Jurriaan,
I am very much looking forward to reading
this book. Is van der Linden  a critic of state capitalist theories? I have
grown increasingly skeptical of such theories, and wonder whether
the point of them was to preserve in the face of
the horrors of the Soviet system a metaphysical view of history
in which only socialism could follow capitalism.

yours, rb

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