Re: [OPE-L] Bloody Capital and Dead Labour Cultural Studies

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 16:59:20 EDT

Re: [OPE-L] Bloody Capital and Dead Labour Cultural Studie> So because of this implication he should not have implied
> that capital is vampirically undead as it appropriates
> the sensuous life of the living? What is your point?

Capital as undead not only implies, but _requires_ (if we
are to seriously use the vampire metaphor) a particular 
relation to labour.  I.e. IF capital  is vampiric and undead 
THEN the labor employed by capital MUST be undead.  

> And what is wrong with the depiction of horror as that
> fictional situation in which the enslaved have
> lost the capacity for resistance? Why shouldn't
> such a situation be depicted? 

There is nothing wrong with it in vampire stories.

> And there is resistance to vampires in vampire movies! 


ONLY those who have not been bitten by vampires can resist.

> So I really have no idea what you are talking about. 

Of course not: you did say: "I know nothing about vampires."

In solidarity, Jerry

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