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Subject: last textbook

Dear Jerry,

1) I am very grateful to you for announcing my book on OPE-L in
January and February  2005. I have no doubt that by so doing you
contributed a great deal to the  spreading of my textbook in three
languages. In the course of 2005, the French versions were downloaded
713 times, the Spanish versions some 400 times, the English versions
940 times.

However, I am somewhat surprised by the fact that "The Foundations of
Capitalist Economy" (A5 size) was much less visited and downloaded
than "Understanding the Economy" (A4 size) : the respective figures
are 491 visits  and 295 dowloadings for "The Foundations..."(A5),
against 1249 visits and 645 downloadings for "Understanding..."(A4).
(In the case of the French and Spanish texts, there is no such
difference between the A4 and A5 versions.) I personally prefer the
A5 versions, due to their foreword on the present-day relevance of
Marxism and their bibliography (both omitted in the A4 versions).

The larger spreading of "Understanding the Economy"(A4) compared to
"The Foundations of Capitalist Economy"(A5) might be partly due to
your second message on January 31, 2005 (at 11:45), which read as
follows : "Please click here to have instant access to information
that could be of interest for you, from the online scientific
bookshop, i6doc.com.  Or: http://www.i6doc.com/doc/a4economy". That
message of yours failed to mention the A5 English version (as well as
the two French and Spanish versions). May I suggest that on some
future opportunity you mention all the relevant URL's? These are :

- size A5
"The Foundations of Capitalist Economy"  : <http://www.i6doc.com/doc/
"Les fondements de l’économie capitaliste"  : <http://www.i6doc.com/
"Los fundamentos de la economía capitalista" : <http://www.i6doc.com/

- size A4
"Understanding the Economy"  : <http://www.i6doc.com/doc/a4economy>
"Comprendre l’économie"   : <http://www.i6doc.com/doc/a4economie>
"Comprender la economía"  : <http://www.i6doc.com/doc/a4economia>

2) Another little problem. Your first message on January 31, 2005 (at
8:20) rightfully included my attached circular letter (in three
languages) describing the book. That letter gave the six URL's which
in principle should have provided direct access to the relevant pages
of the  website <www.i6doc.com>. Unfortunately, most of the hypertext
links were not established properly, which impeded direct access
(hence the problem raised by some people, who found it difficult to
reach the text). In the letter I am attaching to this e-mail
("J.Gouverneur, MARX ECON 2005.doc"), the hypertext links concerning
the URL's are  properly reestablished. Thank you very much for
circulating it as  widely as possible!

3) It goes without saying that I remain open to any critical comment
on my textbook. However, having given up all research activities and
facing persistent  intellectual tiredness, I am not sure I could
still actively take part in any debate on the topics raised in the
book. The latter is thus a sort of testament.  I am attaching another
document ("JG, final textbook, pedagogy and theory.doc") which
summarizes what I consider to be its distinguishing features, both
from a pedagogical and a theoretical point of view. As far as theory
and empirical research are concerned, special attention should be
devoted, in my opinion, to the non-conventional views on the
relations between wage and value of labour-power (appendix 5), on the
question of productive or unproductive labour (appendix 6) and on the
question of more productive, more intensive or more skilled labour
(appendix 7). Moreover, the calculation of  aggregate revenue
suggested in appendix 2 (which is based on the non-conventional views
of appendices 6 and 7) could lead to renewed conclusions regarding
the achievements and potential for growth of capitalist economy.

Yours sincerely,

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