RE: your paper on "Bloody Capital and Dead Labour"

From: Mark Neocleous (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 10:02:40 EDT

Dear Jerry
Thanks for letting me know. 
I have no problem with it remaining there. However, the paper that is there has since been published in a journal, albeit in slightly different and reworked format. You could perhaps put the pdf for that article in its place instead, to avoid any further problems? If so, the pdf is attached.

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To: Mark Neocleous
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Subject: your paper on "Bloody Capital and Dead Labour"

Dear Mark,
One of the subscribers to the Outline on Political Economy
mailing list (OPE-L) posted your paper on our list.  He found
it on the WWW but didn't take note of your stipulation that it 
"not be posted on any other website without express 
permission of the author."
The problem is that since all of our posts are archived (the official
site is maintained at;
another site, maintained by Hans Ehrbar, is at so was 
the post with your paper.  
Should you desire its removal from our archives, we will comply.
Please advise.
Please accept our apologies for this unfortunate circumstance.
In solidarity, Jerry Levy
Coordinator, OPE-L

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