[OPE-L] Pascucci on Spinoza, Marx, and poverty potentia

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Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 07:03:31 EDT

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From: "Margherita Pascucci" <mp463@nyu.edu>
Subject: Of poverty potentia

 Dear List,

 I have been working for the last years on Marx's reading of Baruch
 Spinoza, the "Heft Spinoza".
It was the theme of my doctoral dissertation, which I then developed in
a book.
 The book just came out, in Italian, the title is "La potenza della
 poverta'" (ombrecorte, Verona, Italy, Febraury 2006) and from Marx'
 Heft Spinoza tries to develop a concept of poverty as potentia.
I do not know if anyone in your group could be interested, but I attach
 a brief abstract of its content. If someone is interested, I would be
 happy to be in contact with him or her.

 my best wishes,
margherita pascucci

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