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Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 11:36:08 EDT

A new book from Edward Elgar. / In solidarity, Jerry

                 Beyond The Regulation Approach
                 Putting Capitalist Economies in their Place

                 Bob Jessop, Director, Institute for Advanced Studies and
                 Professor of Sociology and Ngai-Ling Sum, Department of
                 Politics, Lancaster University, UK

                 April 2006  496 pp Hardback 1 84542 037 3
                                ISBN13 978 1 84542 037 6

This book presents a detailed and critical account of the regulation
approach in institutional and evolutionary economics. Offering both a
theoretical commentary and a range of empirical examples, it identifies
the successes and failures of the regulation approach as an explanatory
theory, and proposes new guidelines for its further development.




Part I: On the Regulation Approach

1. Early Regulation Approaches in Retrospect and Prospect

2. Fordism and Post-Fordism

3. Fordism, Post-Fordism and the Capitalist State

Part II: Applications and Critical Appreciations of the RA

4. Neo-Conservative Regimes and the Transition to Post-Fordism

5. A Regulationist Re-reading of East Asian Newly Industrializing
Economies: From Peripheral Fordism to Exportism

6. A Regulationist Perspective on the Asian ‘Crisis’ and After

Part III: Developing the Regulation Approach

7. Regenerating the Regulation Approach

8. Bringing Governance into Capitalist Regulation

9. Rescaling Regulation and Governance in a Global Age Part

IV: Moving Beyond the Regulation Approach

10. Critical Realism and the Regulation Approach: A Dialogue

11. Rethinking Periodization After Fordism

12. Gramsci as a Proto- and Post-Regulation Theorist Conclusion: Putting
Capitalist Economies in their Place



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