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MacroScan - About Us

                        MacroScan is a website managed by  the Economic
Research Foundation, New Delhi, seeking to provide
an alternative to conservative and mainstream
positions in economics. It undertakes and
disseminates analyses, by professional economists,
of the Indian and global economy that are informed
by the perspective that:

                          a.. distributive justice should be a primary
goal of economic policy

                          b.. socio-economic structures are important in
determining economic outcomes

                          c.. markets are not always benign

                          d.. globalisation as it occurs today is
inequalising and is a challenge to sovereignty
in economic policy-making

                          e.. state intervention and regulation are
crucial for improving overall welfare.

                        MacroScan also seeks to build capacities to
undertake such analyses in order to strengthen
those advocating an alternative economic paradigm.
Towards this end it has built a comprehensive
database on the Indian economy. The database
includes time series information dating from as
early as the 1950s, on a host of variables in the
areas of national accounts, money supply, public
finance, prices, agricultural and industrial
production, trade and the balance of payments. All
the data series available in the database are
listed under different heads to make access
easier. Further, MacroScan provides analytical
surveys of recent macroeconomic trends, regular
updates on economic issues, and comprehensive
economic reports.


While many of the articles are on India and Bangladesh, there are
many more which focus on the international economy.  There are also
a number of analytical articles, e.g. "The Economics of the New Phase
of Imperialism" by Prabhat Patnaik which discussed "accumulation through

In solidarity, Jerry


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