Re: [OPE-L] Overdetermination & Science

From: antonio callari (antonio.callari@FANDM.EDU)
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 20:11:42 EST

Thanks, Jerry!`

>  >  i don't remember the 2002 discussion of the
>>  uncertainty principle. Do you have the approximates dates of the
>>  postings on that?
>The thread began on November 22, 2002 with a post I wrote
>on "Heisenberg and Marx":
>This thread, in which there were many memorable posts by
>Michael Eldred, Paul C and others, continued into early
>December, 2002.  Eventually, in the manner of threads, it
>gravitated to other subject lines including "philosophy and
>political economy" and "Testing Marx or why the law of value
>holds."    The only thing that there seemed to be agreement
>on in the original thread is that I misunderstood the meaning
>and possible applications of the Heisenberg uncertainty
>principle!  (This was a point made rather forcefully in a short post
>by Paul C early on in the thread:
> ).
>The first of many fascinating posts by Michael E was
>In solidarity, Jerry

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