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Internazionale Situazionista,  Della miseria dell'ambiente studentesco

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/teoria/377.zip>  P. Mattick, Marx
and Keynes. The Limits of the Mixed Economy

Theodore J. Kaczynsky, Unabomber's Manifesto

Bestie da soma - Capitalismo  Animali  Comunismo

<http://www.countdownnet.info/archivio/teoria/374.pdf>  Costas Lapavitsas,
Banks and the Design of the  Financial System: Underpinnings in Steuart,
Smith and Hilferding

<http://www.countdownnet.info/articoli/analisi/Europa/371.pdf>   Erinc
Yeldan, Mark Weisbrot, Is Turkey the next Argentina?

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