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Metastasizing Capital: The Logic of Unbridled Growth
Keynote: Antonio Negri

The Faculty of Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Institute
in cooperation with the Critical Theory Group and the Depts of
Philosophy, Child and Youth Studies, and Dramatic Arts are coordinating
a conference entitled " Metastasizing Capital: The Logic of Unbridled
Growth," to be held in St Catharines Ontario at Brock University, from
April 10-11, 2006.

 This conference will bring together thinkers from a variety of
disciplines in the social sciences and humanities to discuss perhaps
the most pressing issue facing the planet today. In short, how can the
world best move beyond what currently ails it: from a malignant
neo-liberal hegemony into a sanative state of consistent remission and
recovery? Which alternative therapies can arrest the tumescence of
capitalism and provoke a cure? What forms might an unexpected healing
crisis take? Is the only available form of care palliative? By
examining the emergence of the afflictive neo-liberal phenomenon, by
providing an anatomy of its contemporary realities and contagions, and
by plumbing the social imaginary for remedial lines of flight,
participants at this gathering will engage with the most promising
forms of well being: the possibility of ever elusive states of
post-capitalist subjectivity.

Potential topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:
        .       Global capital as disease - virus, bacteria, cancer,
        .       Towards remedial lines of flight?
        .       Anatomies of the multitude: the body politic or no one
                 knows what a body can do
        .       Post-capitalist subjectivity
        .       Sovereignty and governance
        .       Radical democracy
        .       Contagions of capital, contagions of revolution
        .       Capitalist hypochondria
        .       Munchausen's syndrome: capitalism as self-inflicted disease
        .       Globalization and the distribution of the new plagues
        .       The Multitude as antibody
        .       Invasions and violations: proliferating sites of mutagenic
        .       Production, construction, metastasis and malignancy
        .       Performing healing: the theatre of the plague
        .       Activists and other anti-capitalist EMT's
        .       Marxist academics: the CSI team of global capital?

Proposals for papers are due by January 3rd, 2006 and should be
submitted at metastasizingcapital at brocku.ca
  For more information and submission guidelines see

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