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 While I think of it - one excellent short book on the Marxian view of
 history, by a German thinker, which I found is:

 Helmut Fleischer, Marxism and History (Harper Torchbooks, 1973).

 It seems to be little noticed or cited, yet it is full of great insights,
 ably demolishing many vulgarisations, and I would recommend it to people on
 the list. If I had students, I would get them to read it, if that was the

 Unfortunately, almost nothing by Leo Kofler has been translated into
 English, which I regard as a great gap in the English Marxian literature,
 because he tackled just so many important questions about culture, politics
 and society - as you will be able to see from looking at just the titles of
 his books. You really wonder why Verso Books, which is always so keen to
 make important Marxian texts available in English, never commissioned
 somebody to translate Kofler's books, even although they would publish
 Mandel, Althusser, Habermas and Lukacs and so on...


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