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The Outline on Political Economy (OPE-L) mailing list began
                   TEN YEARS AGO TODAY!


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In September, 1995 we began with 11 subscribers.  There are now
89 members and, including former members, 112 people have
subscribed to OPE-L.    [a full listing appears below.]

The 11 founding members  were from  4 countries.  We are now --
and have been for many years -- a very  international list  (currently with
members in twenty-one [21] countries).

Tens of thousands of posts have been written on virtually every (?)
controversial topic in political economy.  And, as I remarked last year
at this time, "somehow we continue to find new topics to discuss."

We have members representing the overwhelming amount of Marxian
theoretical perspectives and international intellectual and political
traditions.Yet, we have managed to maintain an ongoing and comradely
discussion and exchange of perspectives.

There is much that I could write about the history and meaning of
OPE-L, but I think this should be an occasion where we celebrate
*together*  and each give our insights into what we as a collaborative
group have been able to create and maintain.  Accordingly, I am
asking that you contribute by writing posts that concern the following

*    Have you benefited from your membership in OPE-L?  If so, how?

*   What do you think will be the most lasting contributions of this list?
      I.e. how will the last ten years of OPE-L be remembered -- both by
      those who are members and those who are archive readers?

*   What were the most enlightening, memorable, and/or worthwhile
      discussions that we have had?

*    What suggestions do you have about how the list can be improved?

*     What topics should we discuss as a group that we either haven't
       discussed yet or haven't given adequate consideration to?

In other words, let's celebrate this occasion by having a discussion
on what OPE-L means to you and others and where we go from here.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: As it happens,  today is -- this year -- also a holiday in the US:
Labor Day.  Happy Labor Day!


 Coordinator:  Jerry Levy glevy@pratt.edu; Gerald_A_Levy@msn.com

 Advisory Committee:  Alejandro Valle Baeza valle@servidor.unam.mx
                                   Allin Cottrell cottrell@wfu.edu
                                   Fred Moseley fmoseley@mtholyoke.edu

 OPE-L archives: http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/ope/archive

 Current subscribers:
Mariko Adachi (Japan)
Paul S. Adler (US)
Michio Akama (Japan)
Samir Amin (Senegal)
Charles Andrews (US)
Chris Arthur (UK)
Alejandro Valle Baeza (Mexico)
Jairus Banaji (UK)
Riccardo Bellofiore (Italy)
Rakesh Bhandari (US)
Cyrus Bina (US)
Alberto Bonnet (Argentina)
Andrew Brown (UK)
Paul Bullock (UK)
Paul Burkett (US)
Antonio Callari (US)
Martha Campbell (US)
Reinaldo Carcanholo (Brazil)
Francisco Paolo Cipolla (Brazil)
Bill Cochrane (New Zealand)
Paul Cockshott (UK)
Paul Cooney (Brazil)
Allin Cottrell (US)
Stephen Cullenberg (US)
Suzanne de Brunhoff (France)
Maria de Lourdes Mollo (Brazil)
Dimitri Dimoulis (Brazil)
Zhiyong Dong (P.R. China)
Phil Dunn (UK)
Hans Ehrbar (US)
Anders Ekeland (Norway)
Michael Eldred (Germany)
Howard Engelskirchen (US)
John R. Ernst (US)
Claus Magno Germer (Brazil)
Diego Guerrero (Spain)
Michael Heinrich (Germany)
John Holloway (Mexico)
Ian Hunt (Australia)
Makoto Itoh (Japan)
Seongjin Jeong (S. Korea)
Nam-Hoon Kang (S. Korea)
Claudio Katz (Argentina)
Steve Keen (Australia)
Iwao Kitamura (Japan)
David Kristjanson-Gural (US)
David Laibman (US)
Costas Lapavitsas (Greece)
Michael A. Lebowitz (Canada)
Chai-on Lee (S. Korea)
Jerry Levy (US)
Joao Machado (Brazil)
Abelardo Flores Marina (Mexico)
Akira Matsumoto (Japan)
Stavros Mavroudeas (Greece)
Terrence Mc Donough (Ireland)
John Milios (Greece)
Ryu Dong-Min (S. Korea)
Simon Mohun (UK)
Gary Mongiovi (US)
Fred Moseley (US)
Hanno Pahl (Germany)
Fanis Papadatos (Greece)
Leda Maria Paulani (Brazil)
Michael Perelman (US)
Nelson Pinto (Brazil)
N.S. Ranganayakamma (India)
Geert Reuten (Netherlands)
Bruce Roberts (US)
Regina Roth (Germany)
Alfredo Saad Filho (UK)
Catherine Samary (France)
Ernesto Screpanti (Italy)
Anwar Shaikh (US)
Ajit Sinha (India)
Gil Skillman (US)
Murray Smith (Canada)
Tony Smith (US)
Nicola Taylor (Australia)
Tony Tinker (US)
Andrew Trigg (UK)
Persefoni Tsaliki (Greece)
Lefteris Tsoulfidis (Greece)
Brendan Tuohy (New Zealand)
Michael Williams (UK)
Ian Wright (US)
David Yaffe (UK)
Paul Zarembka (US)
Alan Zuege (Canada)
(* Total current: 89)

 To be able to obtain the email addresses for current list members send a
"REVIEW OPE-L" message to  <listserv@sus.csuchico.edu>.

 Former subscribers:
Jurriaan Bendien (Netherlands)
Carole Biewener (US)
Guglielmo Carchedi (Netherlands)
Massimo DeAngelis (UK)
Jim Devine (US)
Gerard Dumenil (France)
Duncan Foley (US)
Alan Freeman (UK)
Heiner Ganssmann (Germany)
Paolo Giussani (Italy)
Andrew Kliman (US)
Dominique Levy (France)
Eduardo Maldonodo-Filho (Brazil)
Patrick Mason (US)
Paul Mattick, Jr. (US)
Ted McGlone (US)
Bill Mitchell (Australia)
Michele Naples (US)
Jim O'Connor (US)
Philippe Van Parijs (Belgium)
Hugo Radice (UK)
Alejandro Ramos (Belize)
Julian Wells (UK)
(*Total former:  23)
(* Total current and former:  112)

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