Re: [OPE-L] The New European Anti-Globalization Movement?

From: John Milios (jmilios@HOL.GR)
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 14:14:23 EDT

Dear Jerry,

I definitely agree with you when you write that
>There seem to be a number of Left Keynesian perspectives embedded within the
>EuroMemorandum Group (June, 2005) statement

This is also the case with the left NO in France or any other European country.
However, I do think that this is the only way that things may go further,
meaning that in the present political conjuncture it is not possible for any
revolutionary political agenda to become hegemonic among the European working
classes. For many decades we saw Socialist (and taditional Communist) parties
follow a right-wing turn towards neoliberalism, without loosing their support
from the majority of the working classes. Now, for the first time since the
seventies, Socialist parties urge their supporters to vote for one thing (the
neoliberal EU Constitution) but the majority rejects the party's political line
and supports NO. In Greece, both neoliberal parties (the Conservative New
Democracy and the Socialist PASOK party) ratified the EU Constitution in
Parliament. Despite the fact that both parties were voted by the vast majority
of the electorate (more than 85 per cent) last year, recent gallop polls show
that there is a definite majority of 42 per cent vs. 31 per cent in favor of NO
to the EU Constitution among the Greek public.
As Suzanne noted, the main trend behind this NO is left, i.e. it is based on a
critique to the neoliberal policies, which would acquire a constitutional
legitimation in the case of a YES vote. It is characteristic that neither
Conservative nor Socialist Press and politicians can argue (any more) that the
NO attitude of European publics stems from right-wing, anti-European or
xenophobic ideas or syndroms. They all discovered,suddently, as Suzanne has
again noted, that the Constitution should be more "social".
So, a new "political camp" emerged in European politics, that of the left NO,
which is much broader that the political influence of the radical left parties
and groups that campaignrd for NO. I believe that revolutionary Marxists must
fight for both the consolidation of this new anti-neoliberal political camp (it
is interesting that in Germany a coalition between Lafontain's WASG and PDS was
announced) and for the hegemony of revolutionary and Marxist political
positions (as opposed to Socialdemocratic or Keynesian)within this political

In solidarity,


PS. The forthcoming issue of THESEIS (No 92, July 2005) will contain at least
two papers on the significance of the left NO. People who can read Greek may
visit the Journal's site:

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