[OPE-L] URPE Summer 2005 Workshop & Retreat

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Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 13:01:55 EDT

Note that David L will be giving the David Gordon lecture on "The
Future Within the Present: Seven Theses for a Robust 21st Century
Socialism."  Allin will also be there speaking on "New Possibilities
for a Democratic Planned Economy."/ In solidarity, Jerry

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From: "Al Campbell" <al@economics.utah.edu>
Subject: [URPE] URPE Summer Workshop/Retreat

REMINDER: For several years now, people have asked for a Summer
Workshop/retreat focused on alternatives - what can we do in the face
of this brutal hegemonic world social-political-economic order?  This
year's workshop will be focused on this (with lots of other topics
addressed in the workshops as well).  It promises to be very
interesting, and given the despair that has overcome some fighters for
social justice, inspiring - there are (plenty) of ways to fight back, and
beyond that, there are plenty of important challenges to the hegemonic
order going on right now.  Plan to join us - it will be both informative
and fun (set in a camp on a lake in Western Connecticut) as usual. The
dates are Saturday evening, August 20 to Tuesday noon, August 22.
Full information on the conference and on getting there are on our
web site, www.urpe.org.

Note: Preliminary schedule as of 6/1/2005. Further information on the
workshops will be posted at the end of June and July. For a good
sense of what the schedule will look like, see the schedule from 2003
on our Web site, under the Summer Workshop/Retreat.

Note 2: Anyone who comes can present or take part in a workshop,
concerning your work or ideas concerning social-economic justice.
Please let me know of any workshops you would be interested in
presenting or participating in.  We like workshops of 2 to 4 people,
but we have quite a few with just one presenter, because that person is
the only person talking on that topic that year.  If you see a workshop
below that you feel your work would fit into, let me know, I will put
you in touch with the organizer, and if there is room, we will include
you in the presentations. My (Al Campbell) email is

Note 3: I will be out of touch with the world from June 5 to June 29
(down in the Grand Canyon). I will get back to you immediately
following that. If you have questions that need a response before then,
contact Paddy Quick at PaddyQuick@aol.com

                  2005 URPE Summer Workshop/Retreat


The David Gordon Lecture: THE FUTURE
WITHIN THE PRESENT: Seven Theses for a
Robust 21st- Century Socialism. David
Laibman, Professor of Economics, Brooklyn
College and Graduate School CUNY, and
Editor of Science & Society.

Plenary 1: Policy Alternatives

Policy Implications of No Child Left Behind. Susan Williams
McElroy, Professor of Economics, University of Texas at Dallas.

Be Utopian. Demand the Realistic. Bob Pollin, Professor of
Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Co-director of
the Politcal Economy Research Institute (PERI)

Plenary 2: Restructuring Social Relations

The Transformative Moment: Personal Healing and the Restructuring
of Economic Relations. Julie Matthaei, Professor of Economics,
Wellesley College

Commodity Fetishism: A Concept for Organizing Sweatshop Labor.
John Miller, Professor of Economics, Wheaton College

Re-mebedding the Rural Economy: Social Capital, Economic Justice,
and Environmental Stewardship. Héctor Sáez, Professor of
Economics, Community Development and Appied Economics
Program and Environmental Program, University of Vermont

Plenary 3:  Alternatives to Capitalism

How Do We Begin to Get Serious About an American Transitional
Strategy?  Gar Alperovitz, Professor of Political Economy, University
of Maryland. Author most recently of Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming
Our Wealth, Our Liberty and Our Democracy

New Possibilities for a Democratic Planned Economy.  Allin Cottrell,
Professor of Economics, Wake Forest University.

Participatory Economics.  Robin Hahnel, Professor of Economics,
American Universtiy. Author most recently of Economic Justice and
Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation.

Plenary 4: Graduate Students and Heterodox
{ SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1}
Workshop with guest organization, the Association for Economic and
Social Analysis.
A Class Analysis of Socialism and Communism: What was the
Steven Resnick and Richard Wolff

Workshops planned as of June 1.
1) Agents for Socialism and Community: Flirting with Aristotle
2) Living Simple and Confronting Consumerism
3) An Unfolding Revolution: Venezuela
4) A student centered/constructivist/contextual learning model for
5) Reading the Nation State; Literature as Political Economy
6) The Future of New Immigrants Now and Then. A Case Study, New
7) Marxism and Today's Economic Problems.
8) The Job Market or Economists
9) Cuba Today
10) Alternatives to Capitalism

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