Re: [OPE-L] Marcos-Taibo Detective Story; Negri

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 07:29:18 EDT

Thanks, Jerry, for posting the article.

It looks like the truth since Marcos has already published Chapter 1 ("The
first effort by the masked-guerrilla-turned-novelist appeared on Dec. 5.
The second chapter was published Sunday.").

While condemning writers of detective stories is not on my agenda, I will
say that were I President Bush or Fox, I wouldn't being much worry about
Mr. Marcos. I'd be much more concerned about the next Mexican election and
whether Bolivia or Ecuador could follow Venezuela.

On Negri -- you support his position on a 'yes' for the EU Constitution?
Negri describes himself as a 'realist'; I get suspicious when I read that

Paul Z.

RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY,  Paul Zarembka, editor,  Elsevier Science

On Sun, 22 May 2005 glevy@PRATT.EDU wrote:

> Paul Z: a story from _The New York Times_ on a alleged proposal by
> Subcommandante Marcos to write a mystery novel appears below. If not
> true, why would it be a "slander"?  If true, what's wrong with that?
> Should we also condemn the late Ernest Mandel, the author of
> _Delightful Murder: A Social History of the Crime Story_ (Minneapolis,
> University of Minnesotta Press, 1984)?
> In solidarity, Jerry
> +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ |
> NYT. Marcos Taibo Mystery
> |
> +--------------------------------------------------------------------+
> Solution to a Stalled Revolution: Write a Mystery Novel
> New York Times What should a rebel leader with a little extra time on his
> hands do to get attention? Subcommander Marcos, the elusive and
> charismatic leader of the Zapatista movement in southern Mexico, has
> apparently decided the answer is to write a crime novel.Two weeks ago,
> Pablo Ignacio Taibo II, a successful writer of detective stories set in
> Mexico City, received a clandestine letter from the guerrilla leader. In
> it, Subcommander Marcos, the rebel leader who made wearing a black ski
> mask sexy, proposed that they team up to write a detective story,
> alternating chapters."I thought about it for 10 seconds and said 'No, not
> right now. I'm very happy with my Pancho Villa book, which I'm writing,
> and this new project will drive me crazy," Mr. Taibo recalled. "Then
> rapidly, 10 seconds later, I said yes. It had the enormous attraction of
> insanity. For a writer like me who is always bordering on insanity, it was
> part of my, shall we say, greatest obsessions to do something like that."
> This story continues at:

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