Re: [OPE-L] accelerated destruction of the Amazon rainforest

From: clyder@GN.APC.ORG
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 03:25:48 EDT

We have to be cautious about lambasting the Brazileans here

We in Europe destroyed our virgin forests in the neolithic
revolution with further final clearances in the middle ages.
That was a precondition for the development of capitalist

Much of the amazonian forest is secondary regrowth after
the original neolithic agricultural system of the basin
was destroyed by the extinction of the populations there
after european contact.

The process of replacement of forests by agriculture is
a normal phase in the development of pre-capitalist, let
alone capitalist society.

Quoting Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM:

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> >
> I heard about this on the BBC nightly news the other day.  The BBC
> report claimed that the Green Party had withdrawn from a coalition
> with Lula's Workers' Party in protest over the inability and/or
> unwillingness of the government to stop the destruction of the
> Amazon rainforest.  The report above claims that about half of the
> rainforest
> destroyed last year was in the  state of Mato Grosso  whose governor
> owns the world's largest soybean corporation.  Most of the soy is for
> export and the BBC report claimed that it was largely responsible for
> the trade surplus in agricultural products from Brazil last year.
> Why hasn't the Lula government taken actions that (effectively) prevent the
> further destruction of the rainforest?
> In solidarity,  Jerry

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