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Date: Sun May 22 2005 - 15:10:20 EDT

Paul Z: a story from _The New York Times_ on a alleged proposal by
Subcommandante Marcos to write a mystery novel appears below. If not
true, why would it be a "slander"?  If true, what's wrong with that?
Should we also condemn the late Ernest Mandel, the author of
_Delightful Murder: A Social History of the Crime Story_ (Minneapolis,
University of Minnesotta Press, 1984)?

In solidarity, Jerry

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NYT. Marcos Taibo Mystery
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Solution to a Stalled Revolution: Write a Mystery Novel

New York Times What should a rebel leader with a little extra time on his
hands do to get attention? Subcommander Marcos, the elusive and
charismatic leader of the Zapatista movement in southern Mexico, has
apparently decided the answer is to write a crime novel.Two weeks ago,
Pablo Ignacio Taibo II, a successful writer of detective stories set in
Mexico City, received a clandestine letter from the guerrilla leader. In
it, Subcommander Marcos, the rebel leader who made wearing a black ski
mask sexy, proposed that they team up to write a detective story,
alternating chapters."I thought about it for 10 seconds and said 'No, not
right now. I'm very happy with my Pancho Villa book, which I'm writing,
and this new project will drive me crazy," Mr. Taibo recalled. "Then
rapidly, 10 seconds later, I said yes. It had the enormous attraction of
insanity. For a writer like me who is always bordering on insanity, it was
part of my, shall we say, greatest obsessions to do something like that."
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