[OPE-L] Death of Paul Ricoeur, 1913-2005

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Date: Sat May 21 2005 - 18:23:46 EDT

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Death of Paul Ricoeur
|  http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=05/05/21/173247

Paul Ricoeur was born on February 27, 1913 in Valence, France and died
yesterday the 20th of May 2005 in Châtenay-Malabry, Hauts-de-Seine, France
at 92 years of age.his obit notice in Le
652552@51-652432,0.htmlfor Ricoeur the orphaned child of slaughter of 1915
at the Marne, was intrinsically a "french philosopher" whose life and
cultural background came to represent the intellectual self-identity of
that country throughout its experiences in the last century. This story
continues at:

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