Re: [OPE-L] Inquiry re Charles Bettelheim

From: Howard Engelskirchen (howarde@TWCNY.RR.COM)
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 13:29:22 EDT

I received the following in reply to an inquiry in which I mentioned OPE-L's
interest in Bettelheim's health.  I can forward Bernard Chavance's email
address to any list member interested in sending emails to Bettelheim
through him.


Dear Howard Engelskirchen,

I have transmitted your email to Charles Bettelheim, who was happy of
your kind message. His health is unfortunately quite fragile, which
does not allow him really to work for the time being. However he
continues to read and to keep interest for changes in the world. He
can receive communications (you can write him at CEMI, EHESS, 105 Bd
Raspail, 75006 PARIS) or I can easily bring him emails if you wish.

Bernard Chavance

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