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That's interesting, since John Ross wrote precisely that in a recent
CounterPunch article, quoting Holloway:

"Given the probability of such a scenario, John Holloway suggests that the
Zapatista model will prosper. 'When people are disillusioned, they begin to
look for the real solutions. Building a party that's a little more to the
left isn't one of them.'

On the other hand, the author of "How To Change The World" has to concede,
the future of the polemic is hardly assured. 'Hugo Chavez is a formidable
opponent. He has oil and oil money and the support of international
Trotskyists.  He could pull it off. The possible election of Andres Manuel
Lopez Obrador as president of Mexico would greatly bolster the cause of
the state-oriented left.'"

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>  M. Junaid Alam (in Message 1) says:
> > Though in Jerry's defense, his
> > friend Holloway himself hasn't done much better on this score. Aside
> > from a few words of contempt about the revolution being a kind of
> > conspiracy of "oil and international Trotskyists", he has been damningly
> > silent about the whole thing.
>  I have never said that, or anything remotely like that.
>  John

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