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UMKC Student-Refereed Journal
Volume VII, 2004-2005
ISSN: 1546-2803


Table of Contents


Editor's Note
By Fadhel Kaboub (UMKC)

Farewell to Dr. Bill Williams
By UMKC Students


Islamic Financing: Impacts on Development and Equality
By Andrew Barenberg (UMKC)

The Dominant Economic Discourse of Today's Iran in Retrospect
By Mohammad Maljoo (University of Tehran)

The Influence of Firm Strategy on Business Cycles in Veblen's
Economic Theory
By Maximilien Nayaradou (Université Paris IX, Dauphine)

Neither Atomized nor Bi-lateralized: Market Actors Never Exchange
outside a Social-Structural Context
A Critical Analysis of the Economics of Transaction Costs
By Sébastien Plociniczak (Université Paris XIII)

Mathematical Formalism in Economics: Verdict of the Reality
By Ganna Pogrebna (UMKC)

Review Essay

Reflections on the Empire of Capital
By Kevin Young (Carleton University)

Book Reviews

The State, the Market and the Euro: Chartalism versus Metallism in the
Theory of Money (edited by Bell and Nell, 2003)
Reviewed by Zied Ben Hmida (University of Economics and Management of Tunis)

Understanding Modern Money: The Key to Full Employment and Price Stability
(L. Randall Wray, 1998)
Reviewed by Shawn J. Gebhardt (UMKC)

Commitment to Full Employment: The Economics and Social Policy of William
S. Vickrey (edited by Warner, Forstater and Rosen, 2000)
Reviewed by Linda Hauner (UMKC)

The Open Economy and its Financial Constraints (Penelope Hawkins, 2003)
Reviewed by Tae-Hee Jo (UMKC)

The Crisis in Economics: The Post-Autistic Economics Movement
The first 600 days (edited by Edward Fullbrook, 2003)
Reviewed by Fadhel Kaboub (UMKC)

Reinventing Functional Finance: Transformational Growth and Full
Employment <http://iml.umkc.edu/econ/Oeconomicus/VolumeVII/Liang-2005.pdf>
 (edited by Nell and Forstater, 2003)
Reviewed by Yan Liang (UMKC)

Growth, Distribution and Effective Demand: Alternatives to Economic
Orthodoxy Essays in Honor of Edward J. Nell (edited by Argyrous, Forstater
and Mongiovi, 2004)
Reviewed by Gilberto Libanio (University of Notre Dame)

Trade, Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate Policy in Developing
Countries (A.P. Thirlwall, 2003)
Reviewed by Corinne Pastoret (UMKC)

The Countries of the Former Soviet Union at the Turn of the Twenty-first
Century: The Baltic and European States in Transition (Ian Jeffries, 2004)
Reviewed by Ganna Pogrebna (UMKC)

Toxic Exports: The Transfer of Hazardous Wastes from Rich to Poor
Countries (Jennifer Clapp, 2001)
Reviewed by Zdravka Todorova (UMKC)

Designing US Economic Policy: An Analytical Biography of Leon H.
Keyserling (W. Robert Brazelton, 2001)
Reviewed by Jonathan Watkins (UMKC)

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Fadhel Kaboub
Oeconomicus, Editor
University of Missouri - Kansas City
E-mail: KaboubF@umkc.edu

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