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From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 13:31:40 EST

A heterodox journal from OZ which has published many
Marxian articles most of which are online at:
< http://www.jape.org >

Some noteworthy items:

* The June, 2004 issue on Superannuation (Retirement)
   funds.  Includes articles by Dick Bryan "Superannuation:
   The Ricardian Crisis",  and a comparison of superannuation
   in OZ and Social Security in the US by Jerome Heavey:

<  http://www.jape.org/jape200406.htm >

* "The Australian Rate of Profit, 1965-2001" by OPE-L
   member Simon M.:


* The December, 2002 issue is on "The State of Political Economy."
  Besides an article by Rick Kuhn that I mentioned in another post, there
are articles on the history of the post-autistic movement, the
Association for Heterodox Economics (by Fred Lee), URPE
  (by Susan Fleck), etc.

<  http://www.jape.org/jape200212.htm >

* An Index for issues 1 - 50

In solidarity, Jerry

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