[OPE-L] The Autodidact Project

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 08:06:26 EST

Many members will remember Ralph Dumain from other mailing lists.
He has created "The Autodidact Project" website which has many
extensive bibliographies and interesting articles on ... well ...
lots of stuff ranging from Marx and Hegel to literature and music.
There are bibligraphies on many topics, including the Young Hegelians,
Feuerbach, and Philosophy and the Division of Labor. Beyond that,
there is an eclectic sampling of articles and images on many other
topics, including a very interesting paper by Eugene Graziano on how
Hegel's philosophy was the basis for the Dewey Classification Schedule
used by libraries.

< http://www.autodidactproject.org/>

In solidarity, Jerry

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