[OPE-L] John H on capitalist and anti-capitalist conceptions of time

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Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 09:17:02 EST

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John Holloway, "The Two Temporalities of Counter-Power and Anti-Power" |

The Two Temporalities of Counter-Power and Anti-Power
John Holloway

 Time is central to any consideration of power and counter power or
anti-power. The traditional left is centred on waiting, on patience. The
social democratic parties tell us “Wait until the next election, then we
will come to power and things will be different” The Leninist parties say
“wait for the revolution, then we’ll take power and life will begin”. But
we cannot wait. Capitalism is destroying the world and we cannot be
patient. We cannot wait for the next long wave or the next revolutionary
opportunity. We cannot wait until the time is right. We must revolt now,
we must live now. This story continues at:
< http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=05/03/25/1319243>

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