[OPE-L] The Legacy of Nobuo Okishio

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 06:48:45 EST

> I don't know if we on this list have taken note of another Japanese
> economist, Nobuo Okishio's death in Nov., 2003. Although Okishio tried
> to use various tools of "burgeoisie" economics, he was a "Marxian"
> economist in every sense of the term.

Good point, Rieu!  I don't think that Okishio's death has been noted or
discussed on  OPE-L.   Even more dramatically, though,  it doesn't seem
to have been noted or discussed on _any_ Internet mailing list!  More
startling still is that, when conducting several advanced 'google'
searches, I couldn't find _any_ obituary or article that even mentioned
his death!  This is certainly ironic since one of the legacies of Okishio
is that his writings helped to focus the attention of  international
exchanges among Marxian economists.  Still more ironic is that we have
mentioned the 'Okishio Theorem'  on OPE-L on- and off since his  death
without taking notice of the fact that the man behind the Theorem had
passed away.

Why didn't our Japanese comrades notify us of this at the time?  When
did you first learn of his death?

What discussion has there been in Korea concerning the legacy of Okishio?

A question for all: other than the Okishio Theorem, what should we
remember  him for?

In solidarity, Jerry

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