Re: [OPE-L] situating links

From: Ian Wright (iwright@GMAIL.COM)
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 15:42:26 EST

Hey Jerry,

You don't really need to do this. The OPE-L archives exist on the web,
and can be searched via google. If you from now on preface all your
interesting links with some identifier, such as:


Then anyone who goes to Allin's search page
and adds the identifier to their search, should then get links to the
mails that contain your interesting links.

This is not categorised of course, but is good enough, and will avoid
a lot of book-keeping work.

As an aside, I also recommend google's free email service, gmail. If
anyone wants an account, please contact me. I also recommend their
desktop search facility, which is freely downloadable -- this is a
great way to quickly and easily search all your papers on your
harddrive (e.g., word docs, postscript files, pdfs, plain text etc.).
I tend to collect lots of electronic papers, and this facility
provides a powerful google search over the collection -- a great way
to find the location of that quote you remember etc.

Best wishes,

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