Re: [OPE-L] Wolfowitz as the president of the World Bank

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 08:36:36 EST


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Over on PEN-L, Patrick Bond wrote:

>  [...] what about those of us -- I'm surely not the only one -- who consider this
> appointment a delightful turn of events?
> There are plenty of us:
> * who would delegitimize the World Bank and will have a much easier time of it now;

Patrick even went on to claim that Wolfowitz was an "excellent choice for WB 

Easier time of it now?  This strikes me as fanciful thinking reminiscent of the 
"Nach Hitler, Uns!" ("After Hitler, Us") 1932  KPD policy.  The idea is that the 
selection of Wolfowitz allows for  greater "transparency" and therefore helps to 
build resistance to the WB and Neo-Liberalism.  This was similar to the KPD 
policy which thought that after people were exposed to fascism and see its
iron fist in practice then this will lead to increased resistance to fascism and 
the KPD will be elected into power. It didn't work in Germany.  Why should we 
think it will work now?  (NB: Of course there are differences and thus this
analogy is not entirely accurate: e.g. bourgeois democracy nowhere directly 
enters into the picture in the WB or the selection of its president.)

But Mike L agreed with Patrick:

> Exactly, Patrick! Now, what about the ILO being headed up by someone
> from Coca-Cola or Walmart?  Not quite the same, of course [...]

If the WB now actively and publicly supports "regime change" in Cuba and
Venezuela will that also be an excellent development since more people
will see the "transparency" of WB policies?  I doubt that the Cuban and
Venezuelan masses or their leadership would view it in such a positive

What do you and others on the list think?  Is it a good thing for the working-
class that the Neo-Con Wolfowitz was selected to lead the WB?

In solidarity, Jerry

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