Re: [OPE-L] Wolfowitz as the president of the World Bank

From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (valle@SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX)
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 07:27:28 EST


"The Bush
administration’s decision to nominate Mr. Wolfowitz as the president of
the World Bank is a clear display of its imperial arrogance as well as
a show of contempt for international law, diplomacy and peaceful
methods of resolving conflicts. This follows its earlier decision to
appoint John R. Bolton as the new U.S. ambassador to the United
Nations. The administration is dedicated to imposing its
neoconservative program on foreign aid program and multilateral
institutions with as much zeal as it is to dismantling Social Security
domestically in the guise of reform. The U.S. and other advanced
countries generally get what they want from international aid programs
and multilateral agencies, but the appointment of Wolfowitz is an
attempt to make the World Bank even more subservient instrument of the
U.S. Treasury and State Departments than it is already."

Extract from: "
Wolf After Wolf" by Abu Spinoza at Zmag


Alejandro Valle Baeza

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