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More on the Ward Churchill affair.

Here is a link to his original article on September 11 and also to a recent statement of his regarding it.


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The New York Times, 3/8/2005 National Report A14

"...Mr. Rutledge and Dr. Hoffman said her departure was not a result of political pressure. Gov. Bill Owens, a Republican who has called for Professor Churchill to be fired, said through a spokesman, Dan Hopkins, that he had applied no leverage on the board or on Dr. Hoffman. 

But on the campus at Boulder, 30 miles northwest of Denver, some faculty members said the announcement had deepened their fears for the university's traditions of open debate, adding that a speech last week by Dr. Hoffman, in which she warned of a "new McCarthyism" stalking the country, had perhaps heightened pressure for her to resign.

Margaret LeCompte, a professor in the school of education who has spoken in support of Professor Churchill, said she believed that a "concerted attack on the university by the right wing" was a factor in Dr. Hoffman's resignation. 

The president's comments about McCarthyism, Professor LeCompte added, "may have been the straw that broke the camel's back for the right wing's desire to have her head."

Many faculty members said in recent interviews that the university was deeply divided over how to respond to the issues raised by the Churchill case. Many denounced the professor's Sept. 11 essay while defending his right to free expression. Others say the controversy has been deepened by personality, especially Professor Churchill's refusal to apologize or back down.

Nearly 200 faculty members signed a petition that was printed last month as a full-page newspaper advertisement in The Boulder Daily Camera denouncing the Churchill investigation as a "retaliatory, unwarranted investigation," that violated "the moral principles enshrined into the university itself."

Dr. Hoffman said on Monday in an interview that her comment about McCarthyism, and the closed-minded, fearful era of political debate in the 1950's that the term conveyed, was aimed at both the right and the left in American politics. Each side, she said, had become increasingly unwilling to hear opposing views. 

"I was referring to the deep divides in this country - the red states and blue states," she said. "I'm much more concerned about the fact that whatever you say today, someone is going to take offense at it..."


 the buck stops here:

("It's very difficult to be attacked personally," she said.)


(...But Thursday, speaking to about 40 members of the CU-Boulder Faculty Assembly, Hoffman fired up her critics again. During an impassioned defense of academic freedom, she warned professors about a "new McCarthyism...")


The Minnesota Daily 
March 8, 2005
U Law School students look to ban recruiters
By Cati Vanden Breul
...Luke Garrett, co-president of the National Lawyers Guild student chapter at the University of Minnesota, said he hopes that after the petition is formally presented to the faculty, discussion will begin about what to do next. 

“Hopefully, they will come up with options regarding opposition and some kind of public stance,” Garrett said. 

That could include joining the lawsuit against the Department of Defense, he said. 

But Garrett said faculty members might hesitate to take legal action. 

“Some don’t want to rock the boat if they don’t have to,” he said....



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