Re: [OPE-L] Brazil Massacre: Protest at Brazilian Consulate

Date: Sat Mar 05 2005 - 11:12:15 EST

Dear all,

This was a massacre.

The police invaded the settlement (after politicians had promised to  resolve
the problem peacefully - but that was during the election campaign last
year). The settlers had been there for many years. The owner did not pay the  land
taxes, again, for years. But for some reason the owner took the settlers to
court and obtained an eviction order. The police crashed in. As far as I know,
 two people are officially dead, but scores are missing - perhaps up to 50.
Bodies have apparently been turning up gradually inside wells, on roadsides
and in woods far from the settlement. It's grotesque.

Check the Brazilian Indymedia site,

The state of Goias (capital: Goiania, pop. approx. 1.2m) is a very
right-wing state, dominated by a coalition of traditional landlords and  agribusiness.
Property rights are very important to them. They also think that a  good
beating from time to time can help to keep people in their proper places.  This is
not an exaggeration; I lived there for many years, and my parents still  do.

I think international outrage can make a big difference in this case. It
could force the federal government to seek a solution - otherwise the state
government will stall the official investigation and the killers will carry  on as

Of course there is a pattern here - Carandiru, in Sao Paulo (111 dead); the
Para' State massacre of landless peasants (16? dead), Goiania. Life is cheap
in  Brazil.


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