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In solidarity, Jerry
From: Cyrus Bina <>
Subject: Re: [OPE-L] the Death of Cyrus  Bina's Father

Dear Jerry:

You're so kind.  I also wish to apologize to everyone if by this I have
trespassed on the train of your thoughts.  As can be observed in this
case, sometimes under the veneer of personal matters, there lies a
consequential public history and thus collective suffering.  Thanks.


>At 09:58 AM 3/1/2005, OPE-L Administrator wrote:
>Dear Cyrus:
>On behalf of everyone in the list I wish to offer our sincere
>condolences over the death of your father.
>I am forwarding the following political statement by Cyrus with his
> permission.
>You have reminded us, yet again, of the heavy personal cost often
> associated with being a revolutionary socialist.  May the day come soon
> when Iran will be socialist and you can return to visit your family and
> friends there.
>In solidarity, Jerry
>     TO:             Judy Riley
>     FROM:   Cyrus Bina
>     RE:             Death of My Father
>     DATE:           February 28, 2005
>      Dear Judy:
>     As a member of the faculty at the University of Minnesota, I wish
> to
>covey this announcement to the campus community, and, if possible send
> it to other campuses of the University as well.
>             "My Dear Colleagues and Friends:
>             I was informed that my father is passed away yesterday in
>Iran. This is not usual occurrence    in the view of
>advanced age and ailment. What is unusual, however, is that
>since I departed     from Tehran's Mehrabad Airport in May
>of 1971, we have not been able to each other. I have
>since unable to go to Iran and visit my father, first for
>being banned by the Shah of Iran (a   notorious dictator
>that was brought back by a CIA coup in 1953, against the
>democratic  government of Dr. Mossadegh), and second for
>being blacklisted due to my political and  humanitarian
>activities against the government of Islamic Republic in
>Iran. The 1953 CIA coup   against Mossadegh-like many other
>coups against the democratic governments in the "Third
>  World"-has created a formidable political backlash that was
>simmering for next 26 year or so    and that unfortunately
>led to the emergence of Islamic government in Iran.  And,
>guess what     my friends: despite all these terrible
>consequences, not to mention the staggering human
>costs, we Americans did, consciously or unconsciously, foot
>the bill!
>             I have not seen my father for nearly 35 years, and I
> cannot
>even attend his funeral. Jalil Bina        was a retired
>civil service employee at the Iranian Ministry of the
>Interior; he died on Sunday,        February 27, 2005 in
>Mash-had, Iran.
>             Cyrus Bina
>   "
>     Thanks,
>     Cyrus
>     Cyrus Bina, Ph.D.
>     Distinguished Research Professor of Economics and Management 206
> Camden Hall
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