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Date: Fri Feb 25 2005 - 19:15:58 EST

I am pleased to be able to tell you that we have added a new member --
Paul Cooney.  Although Paul maintains an apartment in Brooklyn, he is
currently doing research in Brazil.

In addition to what he writes below, Paul  [another Paul! ; another
Paul C!] is also part of the editorial collective of  "Gloves Off"
[http://www.glovesoff.org ].  Many listmembers probably remember Paul
from past IWGVT mini-conferences. The following  is a summary -- a
copy of his resume is attached which includes a lot more information.

---------------------------- -----------------------------------------

I received my PhD. from the New School for Social Research in 1990. The
title of my dissertation is: Competition vs. Monopoly: An Input-Output
Analysis of the U.S.: 1958-1977. During the 1990s, I lived in Argentina
and began research on Argentina's economic history and on Merocsur at
that time. Upon returning to the US, I began to work on labor and
environmental issues in the context of NAFTA and the maquiladora sector
in Mexico. From 1996-2004, I was a research associate at the Center for
the Biology of Natural Systems at Queens College and diversified into
more environmental research. As of last July, I moved down to Brazil
with the intention of concentrating on my political economy research and
am currently studying issues of labor in the context of Mercosul and the
FTAA and beginning a book evaluating a quarter-century of the neoliberal
model in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Other research interests of mine
are (1) value theory:- competition, international transfers of value and
unequal exchange; (2) Globalization: Neoliberalism, Financial Crises,
International Trade and (3) Development: Regional Trading Blocs, Third
World Debt.

Teaching interests

I have taught several courses on  Capital at the Brecht Forum and one
course on Volume 3 at the UBA (Buenos Aires University) in Argentina.
In addition to teaching Capital , I have taught several courses on
Globalization and Neoliberalism in recent years.

I am currently a member of the Capitalism, Nature, Socialism New York
editorial board, and former Treasurer and steering committee member of

List of publications:

"Towards an Empirical Measurement of International Transfers of Value "
in  The New Value Controversy and the Foundations of Economics, (eds.
Freeman, A. and Kliman, A. and Wells, J.) Edward Elgar, London,  2004.

With Cohen, M. et al.  "Modeling the Atmospheric Transport and
Deposition of PCDD/F to the Great Lakes"  in  Environmental Science and
Technology, Vol. 36 No.22, 2002.

"The Mexican Crisis and the Maquiladora Boom- A Paradox of Development
or the Logic of Neoliberalism?"  in  LATIN AMERICAN PERSPECTIVES, Issue
118, Vol. 28 No. 3, May 2001.

With Cohen, M. et al.  "Exposure of Endocrine Disrupters from long-range
air transport of  pesticides. Final Report to the Alton Jones
Foundation, Nov. 17. 1997.


His email address is <pcooney@glovesoff.org>.

Paul:  welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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