[OPE-L] Deutscher Prize - Nominations Invited

From: Asfilho@AOL.COM
Date: Sun Feb 06 2005 - 14:17:19 EST

Isaac & Tamara Deutscher Memorial  Prize: Each year, the Deutscher Prize is 
awarded for  a book which exemplifies the best and most innovative new writing 
in or about  the Marxist tradition. Previous winners of the Prize include 
Martin Nicolaus  (1969), Lucio Colletti (1973), Robert Brenner (1985), Ellen Wood 
(1986) and Eric  Hobsbawm (1995). The 2004 Prize was awarded to the second 
edition of Mike  Lebowitz’s Beyond Capital: Marx’s Political Economy of the 
Working Class  (Palgrave). Nominations are invited for the 2005 Prize. For further 
information  about the Prize, and a nomination form, please go to 
_www.deutscherprize.org.uk_ (http://www.deutscherprize.org.uk) .  Alternatively, you can 
email me (_asfilho@aol.com_ (mailto:asfilho@aol.com) ) - do NOT click the 
'reply'  button! 

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