Re: [OPE-L] website

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 09:20:03 EST

> Creating a web site is not technically difficult.
> The problem comes with deciding what information
> one wants to place on it.
> What sort of information were the two of you thinking of

Paul C:

I'm not really sure what Alejandro intended when he made the
suggestion, but here are some characteristics of a list website
that might be useful:

o   a fuller description of the list, including an explanation of
     list policies (e.g. on admissions);

o  links to the sections of the archives that have the monthly
    and yearly review; links to posts on list history; links
    to the posts that have provided statistics on the
    composition of the list;

o  pages for individual members in which there is a brief or
    lengthy biographical description (maybe with a photo)
    and links to the members'  personal websites and links
    to papers or books, etc. that members have published

o  a section where listmembers can publish papers for
    discussion (including for future list seminars);

o  a listing of attachments to posts (there have been many
    over the years) that can be opened or downloaded;

o an extensive links sections that included links to other
   groups that our members or archives readers might
   be interested in (e.g. Capital-and-Class, ECONOMARX,
   femecon, Gloves Off, MEGA, MIA, Pen-L, etc.).  A
   collection of  links to useful  sites that members were
   originally notified about in    individual posts (potentially
   quite extensive!). Perhaps links to sources for statistical
   information, etc., etc., etc.

o  we could perhaps have a calendar that publicized
   upcoming events;

o  Alejandro's idea might be incorporated into a section on
    "Teaching Resources".

I still think the idea of a e-journal _Online Political Economy_
is sound and we could, perhaps,  publish that at the site. This
is a project that I'd be very interested in working on if there
are a few others who would volunteer to help coordinate
and publish such a journal.

No doubt, I've missed something above that others on the
list think could/should be included in a list website. If so,
what else? Or, what less?

In any event, the real problem in creating a website isn't --
as you say -- a technical one.  Nor is it -- as you suggested --
a matter of deciding what to put on a site.  The real problem
is getting  *volunteers* who would be willing to commit the
time and effort required to make such a site a reality.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: the wallpaper originally created by Iwao for the original
archives site is quite attractive and perhaps can be used.

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