Re: [OPE-L] New book: "Neoliberalism: a Critical Reader"

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Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 06:57:04 EST


I haven't seen the Panitch et al volume, but the Socialist Register has  been
publishing outstanding papers on neoliberalism, globalisation and
imperialism - some of the best Marxist analyses that I have seen in print.

The "Anti-Capitalism" targets an audience of UG and PG students, and
activists, with a set of Marxian analyses of contemporary problems, always
indicating that capitalism has contradictions that cannot be resolved. This is  done
not by repeating slogans, but by analysing concrete problems of our age.  The
idea is to make young people interested in Marxism, to cultivate their  interest
where it already exists, and to show them the relevance of Marxian  analyses.

The new book, "Neoliberalism: a Critical Reader" targets the same public,
but the message is broader - the basic idea is to look at neoliberalism from
many different angles (there was an attempt to be as comprehensive as was
practically possible), in order to show that this is an internally coherent  power
project, that it is stable, and that is needs to be confronted both in the
terrain of ideas and in the terrain of (class) struggle. Having said this, the
volume is not "Marxist". It includes contributions from colleagues that would
identify themselves with the PK, Kaleckian, etc, schools, as well as
Marxists. I  think that this is a strength of this volume.


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How does the content and emphasis  of this book compare to
Saad-Filho ed. _Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist  Introduction_
(Pluto, 2003) and Panitch, Leys, Zuege, Konings eds. _The
Globalization Decade: A  Critical Reader_ ( Merline Press, 2004;
(  )?

In solidarity,  Jerry

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