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Date: Sun Jan 16 2005 - 15:01:05 EST

HANNO PAHL, <hanno.pahl@uni-bielefeld.de>,  from Bielefeld, Germany has
joined our list.

Hanno  studied political science and sociology at Bremen University from
 1996 until 2002 and mainly focused on critical theory and Marxian
theory. His masters-thesis ('Diplomarbeit') was surveyed by Helmut
Reichelt. It  dealt with the conceptions of money, economy and ´system`
in the theories of  Karl Marx and Juergen Habermas.

In 2003, he co-organized the 'Bremen Adorno-Conference', a conference on
the  occasion of the 100th birthday of Theodor W. Adorno, held in
October 2004 at  the University of Bremen. He explained the conception
of that conference in the following way:

"In opposition to the common Adorno-conferences in Germany in that year
it  was the organizers intention not to treat Adorno as a sociological
classic and  by this to relativize his current significance. Instead we
highlighted his actuality  and the foundations of his thinking in the
Marxian method.
(http://www.adorno-konferenz-bremen.de )"

In July, 2003 he moved to Bielefeld, joining a 'DFG-Graduiertenkolleg'
at Bielefeld University. He is currently working on a PhD thesis that
deals with the relationship  between economy and finance in the
theories of Karl Marx and Luhmann. See

In 2004 he co-edited a 'commemorative publication' (festschrift) for
Helmut Reichelt called 'Gesellschaft als Verkehrung. Perspektiven
einer neuen Marx-Lektüre'.  This book contains articles from
Hans-Georg Backhaus, Joachim Hirsch, [OPE-L member] Michael Heinrich,
Kosmas Psychopedis, Werner Bonefeld and others. See

Hanno wrote about Reichelt that:

"Maybe he is best known in the anglo-american context as -- together
with Hans-Georg Backhaus -- one of those students of Adorno who
pushed forward a critical reconstruction of the Marxian value theory of
labour as a monetary value theory."

Hanno expressed his interests as follows:


 I am generally interested in:

-critical theory of society

-Marxian dialectical development/reconstruction of economic categories

 a linkage between intentional action and emergent structural properties

-Marxian labour theory as a monetary value theory

-social studies of finance

-critical perspectives on accounting

More specific topics of current interest:

-the status and meaning of the credit sphere and fictive capital within

 Marxian conception of the capitalist economy

-the question of gold as money commodity and the possibility of
functional equivalents

-emergence and self-referentiality in economy and finance

-evolution of economic systems


Hanno: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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