[OPE-L] Distant early warning: Marx Conference 2006 (machine-translated)

From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 18:02:39 EST


III International Conference
Carlos' Work Marx and the challenges of the XXI Century.
Havana 3-6 May 2006. Palacio of Conventions.

The Institute of Philosophy through its" Permanent Shop Carlos' Work Marx 
and the Challenges of the XXI Century" they summon to the celebration of 
this third event, with the coauspicio of (orderly alphabetically): National 
Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC), Central of Workers from 
Cuba (CTC), Center of Investigations Latin American Popular Memory (MEPLA), 
Center of Studies of Economy and Planning" Juan F. Noyola. of the Ministry 
of Economy and Planning, Center of Studies Martianos, Center. Past XXI and 
Present., Latin American Council Social of Sciences (CLACSO), Council 
Social of Sciences of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, 
Superior Council Social of Sciences (Cuba), Department of Marxism Leninism 
and History of the Ministry of Education, Direction of Marxism Leninism of 
the Ministry Superior of Education, Company of Services of Translation and 
Interpretation, Superior School of the Communist Party of Cuba. Ñico 
López., Ability of Philosophy, Sociology and History of the University of 
Havana, Foundation of Social and Political Investigations, Argentina; 
Superior Institute of Art of the Ministry of Culture, Superior Institute of 
International Relationships of the Ministry of External Relationships, 
Cuban Society of Philosophical Investigations, Economic Society of Friends 
of the Country, and Popular the University of the Mothers of the Square of 
May of Argentina.

We dedicate this conference to the Anniversary 50 of the landing of the 
yacht Granma, action that marked the beginning of the last stage of the 
fights of the Cuban people for their independence and sovereignty, and to 
the celebration of the XIX Congress of the Power station of Workers from Cuba.

We call to develop a debate encounter and elaboration of proposals, among 
social, political and scientific activists that it contributes to the 
fights for the new necessary and possible world, for that which we intend 
to place in the center of the works the topic:
"Roads toward the revolutionary power: classes, social movements and 
political parties"
The habitual activities pre will be developed - event. For more 
information: Coordinator of the Academic Committee: Dr. Jesus Shepherd 
García Brigos. . Email: jpastor@infomed.sld.cu; Nchamah Miller: 
On the previous conferences and the works of the Permanent Shop: 
www.nodo50.org/cubasigloXXI /

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