[OPE-L] Conference Announcement: Rethinking Foucault, Rethinking Political Economy

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 17:42:34 EST

> Two-Day Workshop, Thursday 17 - Friday 18 March 2005
> Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy, University of Leicester, UK
> Workshop Theme
> Foucault was clearly concerned with rethinking political economy.  This
> concern ranged from his direct engagement in The Order of Things with the
> formation of the economic subject in relation to political economy, and
> also involved him in all manner of debates throughout his life about how
> one might understand the political economy.  After his death these debates
> continued as his work has been extended in a variety of different attempts
> to rethink political economy both in general terms and also in terms of
> the analysis of specific politico-economic micro-practices and related
> technologies of subjectification.
> Foucault's work however, has not gone uncontested.  Disagreements have
> surrounded his work from the beginning, and in recent years the
> publication of, for example, his lectures at the Collège de France in the
> 1970s and his late writings and lectures on parrhesia open up
> possibilities for further rethinking Foucault's work.  At the same time, a
> generation which has grown up with Foucault has proposed new readings that
> extend Foucault beyond Foucault, taking his work into new territories and
> inventing new concepts in so doing.
> In addition to Foucault's rethinking of political economy and efforts to
> rethink Foucault's work, there is a third task of rethinking, relating to
> the ways that Foucault and political economy have been connected.  Here
> are questions about the scholarship and politics of the first attempts to
> think political economy with Foucault, which have more than once produced
> statements that would certainly have invited Foucault's famous laugh.  So
> we propose to rethink these first thinkings of Foucault and political
> economy, and to show how we can move beyond them.
> We will therefore gather for two days of discussions which seek to rethink
> Foucault and to rethink political economy.  Foucault once said in relation
> to Deleuze: 'new thought is possible; thought is again possible'.  We
> propose to say the same of both Foucault and of political economy.  New
> thinking is possible.  Thinking again is possible.
> Speakers
> Confirmed speakers include:
> Ruud Kaulingfreks, University of Humanistics, the Netherlands
> Alan McKinlay, University of St Andrews, UK
> Rolland Munro, Keele University, UK
> Damian O'Doherty, University of Manchester, UK
> Bent Meier Sørensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
> Akseli Virtanen, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland
> Attendance
> Attendance will be strictly limited, and will close on 28 February 2005.
> To book a place complete the registration form attached.
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